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Wellness & Wellbeing For Your Leadership Team

"The video conference and online course allowed me to participate even when I wasn't in the office."

Healthy Leader Program

"Applicable to every person in the room no matter where they are on their journey."

Leadership Development Program

"We need to expand this to the entire organization. It would be great to have a session at least once a month."

Wellness Program Cleveland OH

"Traci integrates the broader picture of the whole self, touching on all aspects of wellness and wellbeing."

Beyond Diet and Exercise

Private Coaching

Leaders need high levels of energy, flexibility and agility to perform at their best. Personal health & wellbeing are foundational to every other leadership skill. This setting allows us to work with select individuals or private teams.

Group Programs

For organizations who want a healthy leadership team. Introduce wellness practices to your team through highly interactive seminars, workshops, or classes.

Program Integration

Compliment your leadership or team training with classes, workshops, talks or coaching around health, energy and performance. We can integrate with your internal team or external vendors & consultants.

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All group sessions, whether they are on site, telephonic or video based can be recorded and accessed online. Supplemental workbooks and online courses are also available for anyone who missed training or is in another location or time zone.

Whether you have an existing wellness program or not does not matter. Our process for creating programming is based off of your desired results. Because we offer a combination of private, group and online programming that covers the major areas of wellness and wellbeing, we are able to customize within a wellness program or around your company culture. 

All services and programs can occur in person, on or off site. We also offer telephonic and video conferencing as well as online courses. We also have the ability to record sessions for online viewing. Combine programs and services to serve individual, team and organizational goals.

The current online course and resource library is designed to complement and enhance coaching sessions and deepen your understanding of the material covered.  In November 2018 we will be introducing The Healthy Leader Course which will include videos, resource materials, weekly group coaching sessions and the ability to interact with leaders from different organizations.

The model and methodology that we utilize provides a powerful platform for team work. It allows leaders to keep private matters private and also establish bonds with colleagues who have different health and performance goals. The group works together on broader topics and then works privately on their own or with a coach .

-How to Fuel Your Body For Peak Performance

-Confessions of a Personal Trainer: What You Really Need to Know About Fitness

-Are You Stressed, or Just Think You Are?

-How To Use Your Brain Instead of It Using You

-Move More, The 11th Fix of Lean Body Smart Life

-The Science of Your Body: How to Start Losing Weight Right Now

-The Power of Wellbeing: What Happens Before You Act

-Beyond Diet and Exercise



We use the medical-grade Inbody 270 Body Composition Analyzer. It uses patented technology to precisely measure body composition in less than 1 minute. 


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