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"Love the travel workouts. (Well, almost!) Thanks for making this as simple as possible and for helping me lose the weight for good."

"I never realized how important just moving is. I always thought I had to slave it out in the gym. Thank goodness, that is not true."

"I learned how to breathe properly while running and at meetings. Boy, what a life saver."

"I already knew what to do in the gym, or so I thought. Just a few tweaks to my routine made all the difference."

"We only have so much time on this planet, I want to spend wisely. That includes efficient time at the gym."

"I started this to improve my golf swing. Fifteen pounds later, my swing is better than ever and so is my waistline."


Exercise is optional, movement is mandatory. To have optimal movement, you must have stability, mobility, balance, proper movement patterns and breathing technique. Not everyone wants to go to the gym, but everyone wants to live longer and stronger.

Strength and Endurance

Build on proper movement with increasing strength and endurance throughout all major body systems. This includes cardiovascular health, joint range of  motion, and muscular endurance. 


Performance is defined by you. Whether it is being able to walk on the beach without lower back pain, or running a marathon, you want the time spent training in alignment with value based goals.

Go beyond change. Transform.

Fuel, rest and move your body in alignment with your values.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The specifics of individual fitness assessments vary according to individual needs.  In general, the assessments include an Inbody Body Composition Analysis and Functional Movement Assessment. The initial meeting with a personal trainer will include a body composition analysis with an Inbody Analyzer 

Movement is mandatory, exercise is optional. This means that we want to make sure that the basics of your movement (stability, mobility, functional movement patterns) are strong before we add the layers of strength and performance. We find that many exercise programs stall due to overuse, improper movement mechanics or moving too fast too quickly. When movement is enjoyable it naturally progresses towards more intricate movement patterns.

We are based in Cleveland and contract with several gyms and country clubs in the area for fitness training and wellness coaching. We  work with clients and corporations on site as well as in home or at the office.

Yes! We work with clients in a group setting starting with as few as 2.  We have certified trainers in many modalities to include golf fitness, yoga, meditation, strength and endurance, boot camps and more!

Great!  We love questions and would love to hear from you.  If we cannot help you, we will find someone who can!  Email us with a specific question or just your contact information and we will get back to you.


I first started working out with Traci over 10 years ago for the initial purpose of doing rehab after knee surgery and cardiovascular to strengthen my heart. 

What began as simply physical therapy and strength conditioning workouts, has morphed into a regular life coaching session, each and every week, covering all aspects of mind, body and spirit

In over 500 weekly sessions, Traci has never administered the same workout twice, nor has she failed to have prepared for each session, some unique guidance and direction, in the areas of nutrition, mental development or spiritual fulfillment. 

I have also had the opportunity to work with Traci in other areas. She is as comfortable presenting to Boards of Directors as she is leading a workout class. Her ability to read audiences and tailor her offerings to specific individual requirements is fascinating.

Traci has built quite a following in Northeast Ohio and I am sure she will take her game to the National level once her busy schedule permits.

I started a Wellness Coaching Program with Traci Fisher in early February 2018.  Together, we worked out a realistic plan for me.  I was honest about my food and exercise likes and dislikes.

In these past four and a half months, I have lost 28 pounds - almost to my goal of 30!  I am eating plenty of healthy, tasty food, drinking lots of water and using the treadmill for a mile most days. This has all become part of my life - now and for the future.  I am more energetic and happier with myself.

I have tried lots of programs over many years. I believe I have been successful this time, because the program is specific to me, sensible in it’ approach and includes the element of accountability.  Traci coaches me remotely everyday, and we meet and tweak my program every other week.

I am extremely pleased!

Traci makes you feel safe and secure to expose your weaknesses so that you can take a risk and improve over time.  By setting goals that are measurable and attainable, Traci builds a customized plan.  Every step of the way, Traci is bubbling with positive, joyful energy.  She will empower you with the tools to create the best in every opportunity, in the 'gym' and in life.   

In life we all have many roles and responsibilities.  To be a good wife, mother, daughter, friend, business owner - we know what it takes to do the job well.  When life gets too busy, I am guilty of putting my health and wellness last.  I will make time for everyone's needs but my own.  Traci has helped me find a better level of self care and self love.  By caring for myself better, I can care for others better.  Traci has help me to:

1. Create a plan and hold me accountable.
2. Make the time to execute the plan.  One key is to start my day a little earlier with exercise.  This is when there are fewest distractions.
3. Allow myself Grace.  Try my best today and know tomorrow is a fresh new opportunity.

Traci has the reputation of being tough.  And it's true... She will make you work! But know that Traci is trained and educated in exercise physiology.  After months working together, every training session is different!  She will keep it fresh, fun and your body will continue to improve and strengthen.

Traci is dedicated and committed in her own personal life to health and wellness; she is a great role model and mentor.  Traci makes you want to work to your fullest potential.


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