Why Are You Doing That? Making Sure That Your Actions Are in Alignment with Your Goal


To achieve Wellbeingness®, we must understand why we are doing what we are doing. 

“Doing” relates to Action. Each Action we take to improve our Wellbeingness® should have an understood purpose. An action without a purpose will lead to repeated frustration, avoidable emotional drag, and a lack of results. Sometimes the purpose is framed around or built on an old belief system. So, intentional action with an understood purpose has the highest value and the best chance to achieve the desired result.

An understood purpose has the best chance to achieve the desired result.

The XTEAR Model: - EXternal circumstances trigger our Thoughts, which generate Emotions, which then create our Actions, which create Results.

A few examples:

"I am going to eat less sugar so I can lose body fat."


"On Sunday nights, I am going to prep my meals so I eat healthier dinners this week."

Sounds good right? Not so fast! These intentional actions are within healthy eating protocols. Even if we are getting the results, they are just actions if they are not rooted in the understood purpose, your values, your "why," and your VISION.

From my personal experience, achieving results absent from my vision usually left me unsatisfied. This is true for most people because they seek the Result without identifying the purpose and vision.

Vision and Values

When we design a protocol to achieve your Wellbeingness®, we want to make sure the protocols are in line with your Vision. To achieve Wellness and Wellbeing, or Wellbeingness®, this is critical. Otherwise, actions lead to marginal or unsustainable results, unsatisfied internal emotions, and an avoidable repeat.

To align action with your values ask these critical questions?

  1. Who are you? At the end of your life, what do you want people (including you!) to say about you and how you lived?
  2. What does it look like? What are you doing? Thinking? Feeling? What will the relationships in your life look like?
  3. Now...how do you create that?
Intentional Actions Desired Results ➔ Must be rooted in our personal VISION and VALUES

If you are taking an action that is not getting results or seems to lack reasoning, go back and review your personal vision statement and values.

What are you doing to ensure your actions are linked and rooted in your vision and values?




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