Ep #6: Secrets to Feeling Better

Season #1

Secrets to Feeling Better!

One of the most basic questions that everyone asks is, "How Can I Feel Better?" In this episode, we explore exactly what it takes for you to feel better. And it's probably not what you think! Why? Because many people spend a lot of time and energy avoiding "negative" emotions. We are going to discuss how you can feel better by changing the way you look at the basic question, "How Can I Feel Better?" 

In Today’s Podcast, You’ll Learn:

  • How your emotions are different from feelings and where they both come from
  • How to truly experience emotions without letting them take you over
  • Tips to get back in touch with what is really going on in your body
  • Why it is so important to identify and name your emotions
  • How you can take advantage of the emotional cycle 
  • Roadblocks to feeling better and how to avoid them

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