Ep #8: Alcohol & Food as Entertainment

Season #1

Food & Alcohol as Entertainment

It is easier than ever to turn to quick fixes like food, alcohol, shopping, internet surfing, or any other pleasure these days. It is all literally right at our fingertips. We have more access to pleasure than we ever have. And there is nothing wrong with engaging in pleasurable activities unless they become "overing" activities. Tune in to The Healthy Leader Podcast and see how you can begin to shift your relationship with food, alcohol, or anything you do that feels good for a moment, but you regret later on.

In Today’s Podcast, You’ll Learn:

  • Why it's so easy to use food and alcohol (and other unhealthy behaviors) as entertainment
  • The difference between enjoying something and overindulging
  • How to stop using food or alcohol as primary sources of entertainment
  • How to think about what you truly enJOY doing
  • The difference between short term pleasure and long term joy

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