Ep #21: Healthy Relationships

Season #1

Healthy Relationships

How do you, in the midst of someone else behaving "badly," create a great relationship? How is that even possible?  We all judge, some more than others. We can't escape it completely. Everyone has their own internal code for what is reasonable or appropriate. And because the internal codes can conflict with one another, navigating relationships can be tricky. UNLESS we understand those codes and how to navigate them with more empathy. On this episode of The Healthy Leader Podcast learn what a relationship truly is (it's not what you think!) and how you can let go of rules and control attempts and lead conflict-free and fulfilling relationships!

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In Today’s Podcast, You’ll Discover:

  •  A new perspective and basic framework for defining and understanding relationships
  • How to be deeply connected without requiring someone else "to complete you"
  • An amazing poem that highlights the power of intense connection along with the basic need for autonomy
  • How to be 100% responsible for relationships without stressing out
  • A key coaching tool that you can use immediately to enjoy your relationships more and lead a happier life

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