Ep #26: Creating Self-Confidence

Season #1

Creating Self-Confidence

How can you be successful in so many areas and still lack self-confidence?  Everyone wants to be self-confident, but not everyone is actively creating it. In this episode of The Healthy Leader, I'll take a deep dive into one of the key misunderstandings about how confidence is created. And I'll give you some fun stories and tools so that you can begin creating more self-confidence immediately.  

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In Today’s Podcast, You’ll Discover:

  • How confidence and self-confidence are linked yet very different
  • The number one thought pattern that sabotages self-confidence
  • Why not having self-confidence impacts your schedule and time management
  • How to use social media to spy on your superior or inferior thought patterns
  • Tools to support your kids in developing self-confidence
  • A self-confidence tool to measure your level of trust and belief in yourself
  • Why you don't have to accomplish one more thing to create self-confidence
  • Specific tips for creating self-confidence on the spot and over time

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