Ep #31: Emotional Balance

Season #1

Emotional Balance

Emotional balance is your ability to feel strong emotions and not get hooked by them. Many people think that emotions have no place in the workplace. But having emotions is innately human and our emotions serve an important purpose. They give us information about what we are thinking and help us to grow. So, how do you engage with your emotions without being hooked by them? Tune in to this very special episode of The Healthy Leader podcast where I share a new way I've recently discovered to train my own emotions so I can use them as tools instead of them using me!  

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In Today’s Podcast, You’ll Discover:

  •  How to play with negative emotions in a way that is safe and creates emotional balance
  • The power and similarities between physical and emotional stability and mobility
  • How your awareness of physical balance can help you train your emotional balance
  • A specific training technique that lets you gently witness and engage with your emotions
  •  How training private emotions can help you be a better leader

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