Ep#5: Thinking on Purpose

Season #1

Thinking on Purpose!

Thinking on purpose is all about taking mind management to the next level. Many of us don't realize that many of our thoughts are not serving us as leaders. We don't know that they directly affect how we feel and have a direct correlation to the way that we experience the world. In this episode of The Healthy Leader, we'll dive into how your thinking leads to your emotions and your results. Listen in for a 3 step process for reprogramming your brain in a way that benefits you and the people you lead!

In Today’s Podcast, You’ll Learn:

  • Three steps to reprogramming your brain and changing your thinking
  • What types of questions you can ask your brain that will produce answers that will serve you
  • How to tell your brain what to do instead of it telling you
  • How to go beyond just learning about mind management and actually use it
  • The difference between pink paint affirmations and believable thoughts

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