Ep #13: Insights on How to Fail

Season #1

Insights on How to Fail

One of the main reasons people don't achieve their goals is because of their fear of failure. And, as you've probably heard, failure can be a good thing. But it's one thing to know that failure can be good and quite another to feel like it is good and to use it intentionally. Tune in to this episode of The Healthy Leader Podcast to get a different perspective on how to use failure (and the fear of it) to not only achieve your next result but also feel good right in the middle of it all. 

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In Today’s Podcast, You’ll Discover:

  • The three layers of failure and the one that is most often overlooked (and is the most useful)
  • The order to ask three key questions to plan for failures (and success) and propel momentum regardless of the outcome
  • The difference between meaningFUL failures and meaningLESS failures 
  • How we self-sabotage around failures and fail before we even begin
  • Three steps to simultaneously plan failure and success and make the experience meaningful regardless of the outcome
  • How to change the way failure affects you

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