Ep #25: Creating Great

Season #1

Creating Great

This is a special episode where I share how I am personally practicing "CREATING GREAT" right in the middle of life's chaos.  Life is pretty hectic right now on multiple levels - internationally, nationally and in our own lives.  So, how do you, in the midst of all of it keep on keepin' on? How do you continually Create Great? Tune in to hear how to do just that in this episode of The Healthy Leader!

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In Today’s Podcast, You’ll Discover:

  • Why chaos and disruption are necessary for your evolution and how to use them on purpose
  • How you can use the nature of change, chaos, and your body's signals consciously and at the right moments
  • The value in "complaining" and when and knowing when and how to move on
  • How to get out of comparison mode and stay focused on YOU and what you can control
  • The critical question to ask yourself immediately when you feel out of control or overwhelmed
  • How to mentally slow down in critical moments for maximum productivity and impact
  • Why waiting for the "right" time is really wasting time
  • How to stop thinking you are at the mercy of anything and take charge and CREAT GREAT RIGHT NOW!

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