Ep #23: Taking Your Time, Part 1

Season #1

Taking Your Time, Part 1

Even the most successful leaders can feel like their time is not their own. Before diving into the logistics of planning your time, there is a critical component to understand around time management that we need to get to truly optimize our time. Tune in to this first part in a two-part series of The Healthy Leader Podcast to learn how to optimize your mind so you can optimize your time!

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In Today’s Podcast, You’ll Discover:

  • The difference between being highly scheduled and busy
  • How to shift the way you think about time and immediately impact how you use it
  • How being "busy" (and acting like Nivens McTwist!) isn't helping your leadership
  • Why you might not be planning your time even though you know you should
  • How to stop battling with time scarcity and create time abundance
  • The exact (and only) fundamental point in time that truly matters
  • The truth and falsehood around the statement "There is too much to do and not enough time to do it."

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