What if you could be a successful leader 


the healthiest you have ever been?

You can!

Leaders are like elite athletes-they need stamina, high energy levels, flexibility and focus to perform under stress. Most executives are not working from a foundation of wellness. They are sleep deprived, eating poorly, sitting more than moving. Leaders are under constant stress at work and at home. It seems like there is not enough time in the day to get everything done, let alone focus on weight and health.
It doesn't have to be like that.
Hi, I’m Traci Fisher. I know what it is like to be an overweight leader. I also know what it is like to look "healthy" on the outside, but to be struggling within. 
When I started my second fitness company I thought I had the answers. I knew how to use exercise & diet to help people meet their goals. We would customize a specific plan to get the exactly where they wanted to go. And, it worked. But, not for everyone.  And, for some it worked initially, but then they found themselves sliding back. And, there were those, like me, who kept their physical wellness on track, but were still feeling stressed and tired. I wanted to help people learn how to get physically healthy and stay that way. I wanted to help people be healthy physically, and feel healthy mentally and emotionally.
I was on a mission to learn how to create health and happiness.
I learned about the science behind our choices and why we sometimes seem to go against ourselves. I learned how the advances of the Information Age have the potential to block us from our own innate wisdom. I learned that just as there is a systematic way to fuel, rest and move our bodies safely, efficiently & effectively, that there is also a way to do the same with our minds. I hired my own coach and began training my mind as hard as I had trained my body. I began incorporating both physical expertise and wellness coaching into my practice. And, as I did, a model began to emerge.

Wellness +Wellbeing = Wellbeingness 

I call it the Wellbeingness™ Model. The model gives us a framework that encompasses both wellness & wellbeing. It gives space to explore, design and engage in all areas of wellness & wellbeing, or Wellbeingness™.  It is based in the science of our bodies and our brains. And, most importantly, it is based in you. It gives you the ability to organize & frame new research, experiences and health challenges in a way that is in direct alignment with your lifestyle & values.


What is Wellbeingness™?


 I love coaching leaders.

I started my leadership training at The United States Military Academy over 30 years ago. I am drawn to people who are dedicated to a higher cause. I know that if I can help leadership be strong, agile & flexible in both body & mind, then they will gain personal health, energy and performance, AND pass it on to their colleagues, community and families.

You are a leader.

You are smart and high-achieving. You care about making a difference in this world. You are a critical thinker who wants to know the why, not just the how. You intuitively know that you have to lead yourself to lead others. 

Be A Healthy Leader.

A Healthy Leader who is energized and focused, primed to make critical decisions quickly.
A Healthy Leader who has the strength, endurance and stamina to lead during the day and connect at home at night.
A Healthy Leader who shows up every day with passion, excitement, high energy & a quiet peaceful satisfaction knowing she is living her dream.

Traci Fisher

Executive Health & Wellness Coach

Traci graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point. She played on the Women's Soccer Team and was commissioned as an Aviation Officer in 1991. She served in the Army as a helicopter pilot, became a master fitness trainer and played soccer on the Army Ranger Team.

After the Army, she became a mother of three, a prayer chaplain and began her journey into fitness and health with her first fitness company in Washington D.C.

Currently, Traci is the managing director of a Cleveland based fitness company, & creator of The Wellness Coach. She continues to work in the fitness arena locally but most of her time is spent helping  executives and their leadership teams create their optimal health, energy and performance.

"We have an innate wisdom about our own health and happiness. There is a science to creating Wellness and Wellbeing. When we create them simultaneously, there is nothing more powerful."

Connect with Traci

A few of the things I believe.

1. I geek out on Newton's Laws, chemistry, behavioral sciences, quantum physics and more. I am a thrill seeker when it comes to learning. Learning becomes wisdom when we apply and play with it.

2. It's not just about the immediate goal.

The immediate goal is just a way for us to practice becoming ~ evolving. There will always be another goal. There will only be one life.

3. It's supposed to be uncomfortable.

This isn't about no pain, no gain. When we are consciously changing ourselves it takes work. It is supposed to be hard. That is the currency of transformation. When we work hard and see the results, then, we will feel the ultimate comfort ~ joy. 

"If you think you can't do it, think again."

Traci is the creator of Live Active, a total body workout series inspired by the book, Heart 411 and published through Public TV. She is a coauthor to Lean Body, Smart Life: 12 Fix Plan to a Happier, Leaner Life, by Judes Scharman.


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