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About the Author

Traci began learning about health and leadership at the United States Military Academy at West Point. She played on the Women's Soccer Team and was commissioned as an Aviation Officer in 1991. She served in the Army as a helicopter pilot, became a master fitness trainer and continued to play soccer on the Army Ranger Team.

After the Army, she became a mother of three, a prayer chaplain and began her journey into fitness and health with her first fitness company in Washington D.C.

Traci understands how high pressures, demanding roles and competing interests can take their toll on personal health. On a mission to assist leaders manifest their optimal health, energy and performance, and certified both as a Health and Wellness Coach and fitness professional in several modalities. Traci combines her expertise in mind and body to help leaders address specific health goals AND simultaneously develop a mindset that will sustain action for long term transformation.

After creating the Wellbeingness® Model, specifically to take leaders through a scientifically based, concise and clear process to develop both mindset and health. Traci has combined leadership and wellness to give teams a new approach to health, leadership and outstanding personal, professional and organizational performance.


"Streamlined, to the point, effective, and efficient. Couldn't be happier."

Private Client

"The combination of accountability, education, & camaraderie was perfect. Traci made this individualized and personal and also integrated her experience in the military to connect us on another level. Well done!"

Private Client

"This is outlined in a way that is simple to understand and apply. It gives structure to information that has felt very overwhelming in the past."

Private Client

Download your FREE copy of: The Healthy Leader, Exactly What to Eat Checklist


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