How to Have a Healthy Imposter Syndrome!


I want you to have imposter syndrome. Say what??

But not the kind that makes you...

❌ feel like your accomplishments might be due to dumb luck

❌ worry that people will figure out you don't know what the heck you are doing

❌ or create self-doubt that follows you around like a grey cloud

That voice is the voice of fear and it holds you back.

The imposter I want you to BE is an imposter of the future. Impose yourself on the future by imagining fo who you would be IF

✅ you finally lost that weight & didn't have to worry about meds

✅ you nailed that complicated project no one else wants

✅ you showed up with a spiciness to your relationship

What would that look like?

What would that FEEL like??


Guess what? Just by imagining and focusing on THAT imposter, you inject energy into your veins.

Can you feel it now? If you don't, try it. Try it today.

Impose your dream onto your day. BE THAT AMAZING PERSON. You have that ability. Isn't that cool? I love this stuff!




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