Willpower is NOT Limited!


At West Point, they ask cadets to choose the harder right over the easier wrong. The idea is that your choices as a leader need to be in alignment with what will have the greatest positive impact on the widest circle of influence. (For more about leadership, check out The West Point Way of Leadership by Col Larry Donnithorne.)

Leadership begins with self-leadership.

And one of the most important aspects of self-leadership is self-care.

And what gets in the way of self-care?

Will-power. OR, more accurately.

The mistaken idea that that willpower is limited. It's not! Willpower is NOT limited!

That belief (or what I call be-LIE) can keep us from leveling up.

Find out why willpower isn't limited and how you can actually create it ANY. TIME. YOU. Want!

I'd love to hear about how you are going to create some willpower today!



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