The Quick Fix to Focusing


Have you ever...

🤔 Quickly realized that you knew they were talking, but had no idea what was said?

📖 Read the same passage over & over again with no comprehension?

🧬 Found yourself looking at a post from someone down the social media hole you don't even know?

If so, you might have a little focus issue.

And, if so, you are not alone.

There are lots of distractions out there.

👉 🌎 And lots of distractions in here.

👉🧠 So, how do you shake out of that sticky mind haze?

How do you refocus a wandering mind? Well, the answer is pretty simple. (Which doesn't mean easy.)

And the answer isn't to stop wandering because your mind is designed to wander. Our ancestors evolved by paying attention to what mattered in pre-civilization savannahs-namely, new information & motion. Their survival depended on instantly processing things that were moving and how things were changing. Your survival does not. In fact, it's just the opposite. Now you need to focus to survive (or at least get that darn report done)!

The good news is that you can learn how to channel your attention.

There are lots of good books and tips and tricks.

But the one in this video is one of my favorite. It's not complicated. But it is eye-opening. And mind narrowing. (see how I did that?) 😂 It really helped me to learn a clean process for how the mind wanders and which part I can concentrate on to bring it back. I love being aware of this process. It helps me to notice the wandering sooner and to fix it sooner. So, check out the 4 steps and I'd love to hear how much time you spend between steps 2 and 3! I'd love to hear how you are bringing back the focus!



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