Ep#4: How to Take Consistent Action

Season #1

The Secret to Consistent Action!

As a culture, we focus on ACTION, ACTION, ACTION! And, rightly so, we are physical organisms that only change with action. And, there are three key types of action that we have to understand in order to make sure we show up and follow through consistently.  When you know how to use all three of these actions simultaneously, then you can literally use physical action to purposefully change your mind. Learning how to use these energies together and at the right time guarantee your success. 

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In Today’s Podcast, You’ll Learn:

  • The underlying actions that are essential to sustained change and are often ignored
  • Why you MUST understand yourself before you can create consistent behavior
  • How to witness your mind and heart to fuel your actions
  • The key moment that holds the key to long term transformation
  • The basic premise of the T - E - A cycle and how it reflects what is really going on behind the scenes

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