Ep #17: Believing New Thoughts

Season #1

Believing New Thoughts

Your brain doesn't like it when you tell it new things. It wants to stay right where it is with its secure and comfortable thoughts. So that means when you begin creating a new and improved version of yourself, your brain is going to feel confronted. There will be the old belief system and then this new and improved one. That feels uncomfortable. That is called cognitive dissonance. And cognitive dissonance often prevents people from going for their big goals. Tune in to this episode of The Healthy Leader Podcast to learn how you can use a specific self-leadership tool to shrink the gap between your belief systems and achieve what you want next in life.

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In Today’s Podcast, You’ll Discover:

  • The difference between shifting your thoughts and changing them at their root
  • How cognitive dissonance can either keep you away from or help you achieve your goals
  • Three ways to consciously manage your mind using the discomfort of change
  • How to believe in something you don't quite yet believe 
  • The difference between affirmations and believable thoughts
  • How to shrink the gap between your old and new beliefs

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