Ep #29: From Hear to Here

Season #1

From Hear to Here - Listening With Intention 

In our fast-paced world, one of the most challenging things is slowing down. That especially applies to communication. We know how important good communication is, yet we often skimp on it without realizing it. We think we know what the other person has to say, we want them to hurry up, and we want to get things done now! Join me in this episode of The Healthy Leader Podcast as I share how you can immediately begin using what you are hearing to intentionally create deeper connections with others (and within yourself) even before you respond verbally.

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In Today’s Podcast, You’ll Discover:

  •  How to use the time when other people are talking to hone your self-leadership skills
  • An African phrase to help you and those you lead get off the mental hamster wheel 
  • How to create an immediate connection without saying a word
  • What human-centered leadership is and why it is imperative for leaders to use it in the post-covid world
  • How one team instantly connects with one another in under a minute at each meeting
  • The most important differentiation between listening and hearing (and when to use them both)
  • Tips to immediately incorporate active listening (even when you don't want to!)
  • Why intentional listening is actually good for you

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