Ep #35: Subtle Judgment

Season #1

Subtle Judgment

Most leaders wouldn't describe themselves as negatively judgmental. And yet, this subtle judgment often exists beneath the surface from old programming that we aren't even aware of. This subtle or unconscious judgment is prevalent in type A strong leaders. Join me in this episode to learn how to become aware of subtle judgments and navigate your way out of them for a more peaceful life.

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In Today’s Podcast, You’ll Discover:

  • What subtle judgment is and how to tell if you are an unconscious judger
  • The three main areas where we judge without even knowing it
  • How being aware of our own unconscious judgments can help us lead better
  • Examples of what subtle judgment sounds like in various settings
  • How being offended can leak your mental energy
  • Why negative self-talk doesn't  motivate you even if you think it does

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