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Live Life Exceptionally Well: Overcome These 3 Obstacles

Private Executive Coaching

Leaders need high levels of energy, flexibility and agility to perform at their best. Mental, physical and emotional health are foundational to every leadership skill. This setting is for leaders who are ready to live a highly energetic & fulfilled life personally & professionally. 

Team Development

For organizations that want both healthy individuals & a thriving culture. You understand the power of positive social support & the value of personal & professional leadership on business success. Highly interactive keynotes, workshops, & classes delivered online, on-site, or off-site.

Gallup Strengths

Elevate leadership and team performance by harnessing unique strengths with the Gallup StrengthsFinder. Tailored for both individuals and organizations seeking peak performance and a thriving culture. This program offers personalized coaching and interactive workshops to enhance engagement, agility, and strategic leadership, fostering a strengths-based culture.

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With so many conflicting opinions, it can be tough to separate fact from fiction. The bottom line is that you are the expert of you. 

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Meet Your Master Coach, Traci Fisher

Traci Fisher is the CEO of The Wellness Coach. She's worked with leaders across the globe, helping them create lives of health and fulfillment right in the middle of highly scheduled lives. 

Traci began learning about health and leadership at the United States Military Academy at West Point. She played on the Women's Soccer Team and was commissioned as an Aviation Officer in 1991. She served in the Army as a helicopter pilot, became a master fitness trainer, and continued to play soccer on the Army Ranger Team. After the Army, she became a mother of three, a Unity prayer chaplain, and began her journey into fitness and health with her first fitness company in Washington, D.C.

After years of working closely with leaders on their health and fitness goals, Traci noticed that top-notch people were often great at leading others but often stumbled when it came to leading themselves around personal habits and relationships. So she went back to school to study the neuroscience of behavior change and became a certified Health and Wellbeing Coach. She combined her expertise in wellness (physical health, energy & performance) and wellbeing (mental & emotional health, energy and performance) to create The Wellbeingess® Model. This is a self-leadership framework specifically designed to take leaders through a scientifically based, concise, and transparent process to learn how to level up, self-lead, and use habit change to transform.

Since then, she has created multiple tools and techniques to help individual leaders and teams perform at their best, starting with self-leadership. Traci believes that wellness isn't just about diet and exercise; it's about creating habits that help you to Live Life Exceptionally Well, "As you learn how to optimize your body and mind, you will simultaneously and naturally hone the skills of leadership. Those skills include focus, discipline, internal motivation, resiliency, equanimity, and more."

 *Traci is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a Wellcoaches® Health and Wellbeing Coach,  Gallup® Strengths Coach, and Red Team Thinking® Coach. 



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" I was feeling the wear and tear of 40+ years of constant grind, mainly from work, not to mention four kids and a wife (said with permission...ha) and was praying for a respite, a physical and mental tune-up or even an overhaul, to prepare for the kick sprint to the end of my career over the next decade. Fortunately, my prayer was answered when I connected with Traci Fisher, USMA 1991, my “Wellbeingness” coach. Now, after six months of steady working at my 10 commitments, and with Traci’s support and coaching, I feel ready. I suppose some/many of you may have similar wear and tear, so, with Traci’s permission, I’ll share her info so you can check her approach out. As a fellow grad, she “gets it” and speaks our language."

Private Client
Academy Graduate

"I very much enjoyed Traci's presentation on wellness & wellbeing. The wealth of her knowledge is so impressive and she makes every presentation so enjoyable to listen to! And, the information is easy to apply, immediately!"

A. F.

"I did some calculations and realize I have lost 38.2 lbs. I am so happy with this result and am still moving forward! A few more weeks and I am confident I can reach my goal. It’s so spectacular through all this for me to do it with J. and see how his life and transformed with his thoughts and eating healthy. I NEVER could see him doing this or wanting to before without your guidance. I know I have grown and think healthier too, but he is a new healthier man!! Thank you so much for changing our lives. I hope through this we can add many years and much vitality to our time together and future dreams. I am so grateful in my life and in my heart. Thank you for helping us and being there for us and for all you do. Great things are coming! Let’s finish this race!"

M & J

"What a relief to learn about authentic wellness. Loved learning the framework and process to use on my own."

Mary L.
Healthy Leader Program

"The combination of accountability, education, & camaraderie was perfect. Traci made this individualized and personal and also integrated her experience in the military to connect us on another level. Well done."

Private Client

"This is outlined in a way that is simple to understand and apply. It gives structure to information that has felt very overwhelming in the past. "


"Streamlined, to the point, effective and efficient. Couldn't be happier."

Private Client

" I admit that I was super skeptical going into this class. I was tired of people telling we what I was supposed to do. It was refreshing to get asked what I wanted, and what was important to me and then to marry that with specific actionable steps that were reasonable, yet challenging. Thank you, Traci!"

Healthy Leader Program

"I never thought of taking care of myself as self-leadership. Traci's right! Discipline in private habits directly translates to my professional discipline."

Deloitte VP
Private Executive Coaching

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