Lean Body, Smart Life!

It is published!

I am VERY EXCITED to be a part of the phenomenal book,  Lean Body, Smart Life 12 Fix Plan to a Leaner, Healthier, Happier Life!  After 30 years experience as a registered dietitian nutritionist, Judes identified 12 of the most important "fixes" to help people take charge of their health and feel better. This book is amazing because Judes has taken her skills, expertise and knowledge and organized it in a way that allows you to create your own formula for health in a way that is simple, easy to follow, and delicious!

Judes spent countless hours creating videos that are peppered throughout the book to make the information literally come to life. To access the videos you just hover your smart phone's camera over a picture and it will automatically take you to a video! Lean Body, Smart Life includes information on which foods to eat to burn body fat, foods to track (not calories!), when to eat and drink for optimal results and much, much more.

I am honored to be co-author and share information in the 11th Fix: Move More!

"Move More" is a brilliantly simple way to summarize a potentially complicated subject. The Move More section reviews the powerful impact proper movement has on our bodies and how we can use the mobility and stability to create optimal movement before we ever have to add exercise to the plate. 

There are Move More videos on how to check your movement and improve it through balance, flexibility, range of motion and more.  (Check out the introduction to the Move More! chapter here!)

Thank you, Judes Scharman~I am delighted to be a part of this project. You are a skilled professional and a wonderfully caring person,  and I am grateful to call you my friend! 

Check out Judes' incredible book and amazing recipes here!



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