Are You Really Controlling Your Emotions?


Have you ever been in a meeting where you are nodding your head calmly and taking notes but inside you are steaming? You might say you are controlling your emotions, but what you are really doing is controlling your actions. You aren't yelling or freaking out (even though you want to!). And of course, that is a good thing.  You certainly want to control your actions. AND-how about taking it one step further and also controlling your emotions? How cool would it be if you were calm on the outside and the inside? 

Not only would it feel better to you, it would be healthier too. Tune in for one of my favorite tricks I call, "Up, Down and All Around!" It's a tool you can use immediately, in the moment, when you are in that meeting and you can feel your stress levels rising. Try it and let me know how it goes for you!



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