Comparison is the Thief of Joy


Nobody is posting pictures when 

🥦  they have broccoli in their teeth,

😡  their kids are fighting with each other

📲  the whole family isn't talking, but staring at their phones


Or when their puppies are ferociously fighting with one another.

(OK, that is in my video. So I am posting that.)


But, the point is - don't compare yourself to social media la-la land.

Or the person at the water cooler with perfect children.

Or the neighbor with a perfectly manicured yard.

Or to who you think you “should” be (can you say imposter syndrome)?



Because none of it matters.

What I mean by that is that none of the things you are comparing yourself to matter.

They are just things (or concepts) out there.

They are circumstances.

They are facts.

They are neutral.

They literally don’t matter to you UNTIL…


None of those people, places, or things means anything until you decide they do.  YOU GET to decide what you are going to make all of it mean.  And if you are making it mean that you are less than, won't make it, aren't good enough, and should stop trying then stop it! 

Comparison is the thief of joy.

It will make you feel tired, anxious, overwhelmed, rushed, jealous...and more. Comparing yourself takes you out of your focused lane and away from your results and dreams.

Comprehending that I am actually the one creating my experience was one of the most powerful lessons I've ever learned. Make that present tense. One of the most powerful lessons I am still learning and practicing. (See the video for evidence of this!.)  Once I really understood that then I was no longer a victim to my circumstances. That meant that no matter what happened in the outside world, that I still have the power of managing my thoughts and my response.  It means that even if I am yelled at, fired, assaulted or worse, I am never a victim of my circumstances.

And neither are you.

It means that social media, the water cooler, and your fence are all great places to take advantage of practicing & noticing what is going on in here. 👉🧠    

How do you do this?

First, you just notice.

Pay attention to your spaces and places where you compare.

And very kindly notice.

Just shining a light on your thoughts is a fantastic place to start. Awareness is the seed to natural change growth.

Once you notice, then you can change it.

I’d love to hear about where you find yourself comparing yourself to others and what it feels like and the impact it has on you. 

And then, let me know what you are going to focus on instead? 

What would create REAL joy in your life? 

Where are you going to do with that energy?

I’d love to know!


(I’m going to practice a little puppy training. 😉)



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