Create a Healthy Moment, Just One

Create a healthy day! I say this instead of have a good day because days aren't given, as implied by the word "have" in "have a great day." Days are created. They are created by you. The really cool thing is that you don't have to create your "state" all at once. God or the universe or science, whatever you prefer to call it, breaks it all down for us into moments. Seconds are needed for minutes. Minutes are needed for hours. Hours are needed for days. You know the rest of the progression that continues, well, until that last moment. The super great "whew!" news is that all we have to do to create the health we deserve is to choose in this moment the rest follows naturally. Hmmm...maybe I should say, "Create a healthy moment!" instead. Choose food, movement, and rest today to create the foundation of your tomorrow. Create a healthy moment.

You already know what your choice moments are. They are the moments when you start to do something and you are aware that there is a better choice. Those are the moments I am talking about. Maybe it is reaching for a drink after work, hitting the alarm instead of getting up, or the moment at the salad bar when you reach for the dressing. Those moments are only known by you. Even if you still complete the "unhealthy" action-you can interrupt it just a little bit by pouring a little less alcohol in the glass, getting up and doing 1/4 of what you had planned, or putting a little less fattening dressing on the salad. All of those choices count. And, not just in the caloric intake, but in the way that your brain processes that action. Brining awareness to the moment and adding a tiny bit of action in the right direction is like adding water and sunshine to a seed. So, create a healthy moment, even just one.

  • Have water beside you all day and drink that before any other beverage.

  • Enable Night Shift to help put the phone/ipad down at night.

  • Park a little further away, take the stairs, walk to the mailbox to get your mail! (You have heard these before, but they count!)

  • Leave some part of the dessert or "cheat" food you couldn't resist on the plate.

  • Literally give voice to the choice. Say out loud why you are choosing one direction the other.

  • Eat the healthiest stuff first on your plate first!



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