I could have never done this before I met you.

We went out snorkeling off the beach at our hotel. It was very rocky and we all have scrapes from going over rocks while snorkeling. The undertow was the worst I have ever been in. At one point I tried to swim to the shore and after several free style strokes I didn’t move at all. I finally got back to shore and those on shore said, “You are a very good swimmer." Then, one of the guys asked where his wife was and we saw her way in the distance. We knew she had no idea how much the tide had drifted her off shore. Because I am so strong now, thanks to you Traci, I said, “I’ll go get her."

I knew I was strong enough to get to her before she drifted further. And, I knew if I had to, I could get us both back to shore.

What a great feeling! I could have never done this before I met you. I would have never risked going after her because I would have been afraid I would have gotten tired, started to panic, and then I would have had a tough time catching my breath. Because of you, I knew I had the endurance to help her!



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