"Sugar Scares Me" (Quote from Cancer Researcher)

I love this article from Authority Nutrition. I came across it when I googled "evaporated cane juice." I am trying out a "diet" with one of my clients to share the experience with her and broaden my own.

 I define a diet as intentional eating. So, even thought the word diet is taboo these days-that is exactly what I am doing. I am intentionally eating in a very specific way. A diet can also be a way of life that leaves more room for a variety of options. The diet it is Dr.Gundry's Diet Evolution and in the first two weeks, the emphasis is on consuming more protein and fresh veggies. About Time ProHydrate...Quick protein and not a lot of sugar. It tastes pretty good too!

Even though I am not a big bread eater, I am finding myself in the sugar craving stage, which, for me, is a slight headache combined with lots of mental whispers from my brain: "this is silly, you are healthy, you don't need to do this, fruit is good for you." (Now, don't misunderstand me-I would not suggest this diet to a client - it's not in my wheelhouse. I would never suggest eliminating all fruit out of your diet-even for a couple of weeks. But, I will experiment on myself, and share that experience, so that is what I am doing.)

So, yesterday morning, as I was speeding through Giant trying to figure out how I could cram some protein in quickly, I came across this drink. Twenty grams of protein (whey protein isolate) with only 3 g's of sugar. The sugar comes from stevia and evaporated cane juice. Thus, the google search for evaporated cane juice. This article popped up and I think it is fantastic. It pulls back the curtain on some of the "healthy" sugars out there. It's very interesting to me-I am always learning. Let me know what you have learned! :)



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