Why I Don't Say Have a Nice Day!

I don't say, "Have a  nice day" to people anymore. I say, "Create Great!" It used to sound kind of funny, but now it is totally natural and people say it back to me. Which, I absolutely love.

The phrase “Create Great” stems from several places. The first is that my sister, even now, takes great pleasure in chiding me about signing my name, “Traci the Grate!” Yes, that is exactly how I spelled it.  And, you can witness the calligraphy that I used in the photo above.

Secondly, the word create, versus have, reminds me that  no matter what the day presents, I always have the option to create whatever I want from that ‘present.’  Did you catch that? The present is actually a gift...IF I treat it that way. No matter what happens, I always, 100% of the time, get to choose whether I am going to treat what is occurring  as a gift or as something else. 

Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of moments that I do not treat like gifts. It is not a gift when I get in a fender bender, or the to do list seemingly grows faster than my time, or my ex wants to discuss finances.  It is not a gift that my dad is sick right now. But, truth be told, all of those events are neutral, and I could choose to see them as gifts or lessons or opportunities to engage in life with my best, with my grAtest. I am the one who gets give those events meaning. I get to consciously decide if they are gifts to me or not. I don't want to treat everything like a gift. I want to be sad or angry or annoyed sometimes. But I do want to know that I am the one in charge of that decision. I am the one who is actively choosing to create my life ~ not the events that are given to me by the day.

So, when I say, “Create Great,” it is a personal reminder that mistakes are not just "ok" but that they are required to learn and grow. And, two, that I always have the power to create my life no matter what happens and Generate Results with my Emotions & Actions that are based in my Thoughts. 

So, go Create Great!



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