Why This Works

The gist of the philosophy is to create a customized program for you that will help you create a sustainable, permanent lifestyle change. As a client, I can attest to their work--I've lost 60 lbs (and counting) in the last five months, and there's simply no doubt I'll continue to lose weight and keep it off.

I've fought weight issues my entire life. Like most who suffer from obesity, I've lost the same 40 lbs repeatedly, only to gain it back (plus a few more). As I got older, it got worse. Given the fact that I spend my working hours sitting at a computer, it's no mystery as to why my weight soared.

However, regular exercise has never been an issue for me--I've done it for decades. But despite moving up to seven hours of aerobic exercise over six days a week, I wasn't losing weight-just ending up with sore knees!

Traci looked at what I was doing, put me through some preliminary tests, and modified my workout program to suit my lifestyle and the equipment on hand. They took into account past injuries or problem areas (knees and back). The program they designed actually reduces the time spent exercising, but making it far more efficient. If something causes pain or is a problem, we  adjusted the plan or created new exercises just for me. I know these are just for me-my wife's also a client, and her program is quite different.

The net result:

  • I'm not on a diet; my diet has simply changed permanently.
  • The exercise program designed for me has me working out five days a week, and put an end to the aching joints that required post-workout ice packs!
  • My blood pressure and resting heart rate have dropped significantly, and my cholesterol is down to 156!

When I started this, my initial weight loss goal was 75 lbs, as that seemed so far off. I've since upped that goal to what once was an impossible hope. It's no longer a case of if I'll achieve it, only a matter of when.

My only regret is giving away some of those clothes that I thought I'd never be able to wear again! ;-)



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