Healthy Podcasts!

I love podcasts!  They are free, informative and travel.

I am amazed at how many people are still unaware of this incredibly diverse and entertaining world that has some great information on health.)

Do not let the word podcast intimidate you. It's basically a radio show. We used to tune into Q107 for the latest music hits or NPR for some interesting stories or news (NPR Now has 33 Podcasts). Now, we don't have to wait for the commercials to end or for Car Talk to be over before we listen to the Morning Edition segment on health care in Ohio (Health News, NPR). And, even better, fast forward, choose the speed of the audio and/or rewind to hear something again. We can search for particular shows within one station or across all of them. There were over 250,000 podcasts last year-I don't know how many there are this year. But, it is a lot. And, that means there is a lot of health focused podcasts-woot! woot! And, they are free. Yep, free.

So, that means, that even if you cannot make it to the gym, you could listen to a podcast about how unlock your movement potential or peak in on what it means to be vegan or learn how to put on the mind of a warrior.

And, as you start to delve into this amazing world, there is another really useful aspect of podcasts. As you look forward to the next show or episode, you can use it as a carrot to get moving. I just started back on a running routine, which, really has been harder to do than I'd like to admit. But, knowing that the latest podcast is on my phone just waiting inspires me to get out the door. (Tomorrows listen: a retired navy SEAL commander talks about developing mind, body and spirit: Seal Fit). I admit that I am an information junky, especially when it comes to fitness, health and self growth.

But, if you are driving or running or waiting in line...or otherwise waiting,* then why not listen and learn? Why not listen and feel better?

They say that you are like the five people you spend the most time with. Why not spend time with Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Joel Olsteen or anyone, anyone at all who is talking about something that jazzes you. Here are a few of my very favorite inspirational podcasts that always leave me with a little bounce!

*There is a difference between waiting and being mindfully present. If you are able to drive when you are driving, stand in line when you are standing in line and especially enjoy the movement of your body while running or working out, then do that. First and foremost, use those moments to be alive, to be present-but ...if you are "waiting" (tapping your toe, saying mean things in your head to the slow cashier, then replace those moments with some juicy, golden tidbits of wisdom and learning.)



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