What Do You Want?


Action. Action. Action. You absolutely need action in order to get results. And, before you start acting, you must clearly identify what results you want before you create and implement a plan. Not only does this ensure that you are taking the right action to get to your goal, it also serves as a little spark of energy when you "don't feel like it." We know the value of strategizing, setting parameters, and systems in our professional lives. But we often forego that part of the process when we are planning our personal health plan.

I want to share a tool with you that you can quickly use to ensure that your actions are in alignment with your results. The tool is organized in a matrix format with 3 columns: health, energy & performance (HEP) across the top (x axis). Then, down the side (y axis) are the three main areas we focus on: mental, emotional and physical (MEP).  I call this table the Wellbeingness® Matrix . When you look at your "health" through this lens, it broadens your perspective and gives you a space to think about your goals strategically. Once you are able to define what your MEP/HEP is, then you can get into the details and design around more specific goals in an actionable way.

You have nine quadrants in the Wellbeingness® Matrix.  You can look at just your physical health in terms of having a healthy body and brain, but you may also want to look at your physical energy or skill level. So, what does it mean to you to have physical health? What does that look like to you?  Is it about getting off of blood pressure medication or reducing body fat? Does it mean that you can run a 5k or play 18 rounds of golf without back pain?  Decide exactly what it means for you to be physically healthy and what your priorities are.

Or perhaps you want to focus on your mental and emotional health? The Wellbeingness® Matrix creates space for that as well. Do you want to reduce stress? What does that mean for you? Perhaps it means that you are calmer at home with your kids or spouse. Maybe it means that you are able to be the calm presence in the midst of a complicated project. Or perhaps your vision is to be able to spend less time worrying about the details of a project and know how to approach it with a clear and focused mind?  

The Wellbeingness® Matrix also gives you the ability to zero in on one quadrant at a time or one aspect of your health at at time. Maybe you are in a space in your life where you are physically healthy and just want your energy or skill level to match it? Or perhaps you have plenty of drive and focus, but want to really get your body more energized?

When you take the time to define exactly what it is that you want - then the action plan not only comes into focus, but so does your instrinsic motivation. Going to the gym is no longer only about losing weight but it also is a strategy you are consciously using to interact in a kinder way with your spouse and colleagues. Or maybe deciding to eat at home a few nights a week is about eating more healthfully for both your physical and fiscal bottom line.

"Being healthy" means different things to different people. You get to decide what it means for you.  Yes, eating healthfully and going to the gym will always benefit your health. But that does not mean that those actions are always the priority all of the time. Defining exactly what it is that you really want will allow you to select the right action, whether that is to move or to rest, to give yourself some space or to to focus on intense workouts.  Use the Wellbeingness® Matrix to help guide you in determining what healthy really means to you. 


If you would like more informative material like this then there is a Healthy Leader Audio Program available at my website. If you want to work on your Wellbeingness® and need help then feel free to contact me. If you have any queries you can ask me via my Facebook page. I coach my clients according to their individual needs and visions. If you feel like you need to get a more vivid idea of my approach then feel free to schedule a session with me.



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