The Tool to Help You Shift from Ugh 🙄 to Yeah 😀 !!


As a leader, you are really good at finding out what is wrong and fixing it. Your mind is trained to strategize and streamline your next right actions to get the missing accomplished.

What if you could get through your challenges without putting yourself second and actually take care of yourself in the midst of it?

That's where the Fast Forward Tool comes in!  Here's what you do,,,

1-Fast forward and look back. Mentally fast forward to a place in time where the challenging event is over. Imagine how the story would go if it went smashingly well! Imagine the details and how YOU were in the story. This takes imagination. We are geared up to think about what might go wrong. Shift the story. Then...  

2-Tell your amazing story OUTLOUD. Pretend like you are narrating a story out loud. Tell the story to your smartphone's voice memo app, in a zoom meeting, to a friend, or to yourself in the mirror. But tell it out loud! This part is important because as you tell the story you are more likely to...  

3. Believe it! When you believe your story that means that you actually have used your brain to CREATE energy (also known as an emotion) in your body. That is a meta-skill. It is the ability to use your brain and thoughts on purpose in order to get unstuck. You step out of the old story and energy that you used to bring to that challenge and literally create a new you - even if just for a few moments.  

I know this sounds a little strange, but it totally works. 

Check out the video for an example of how to do it. 

So, are you ready to fast forward and shift your dreaded project into an amazing opportunity? 



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