My 3 Favorite Strength Moves of All Time!


I just came across this video I created a long time ago, right before my fitness video came out.  And, the information is still valid today!

 These are still my three favorite moves. I use them as a base for foundational fitness and then we build from there. And, you can do the same!  I love them because they help us pay attention to proper movement, include all major muscles, and can easily be modified to be as basic or as intense as you want!

Whether you are just beginning or have been exercising for a long time, check out the video and see how to properly move through 3 exercises that will work out all of the muscles you own-including your heart! 

These 3 exercises will help with strength, endurance, mobility, stability, upper body exercise, balance, posture, lower body, upper body and core!  And....if you do them quickly or repeatedly you can easily increase the intensity and work that very important muscle-your heart!!

Let me know your favorite exercise that you do when you are in a pinch or short on time!



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