The Mother of All Meta Skills


There is one meta-skill that trumps all others when it comes to leading yourself. Being able to master your mind and manage your emotions right in the middle of hectic situations is self-leadership. When you are able to do that, then you can better manage your actions,  your performance. And thus, your results. So, what is this meta-skill? 

It's being able to be present in the moment. Yes, I know we talk a lot about this.  You know how important it is (you've tried meditating, but, ugh) and yet, it still can be a little nebulous.

How do you be present?

Well, it takes practice. 

💡 Listen in as I share a story of a light bulb moment around how the "present" moment concept can truly help.

Then, you can use these moments to practice turning the skill of being present into a meta-skill.

PS: This is the meditation I mention that helps you learn to be present with yourself in a simple-to-follow way!



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